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Who Are We?

Cut and paste the following link for for our Facebook page with photos of our recent events:

The Royal Society of St. George was founded in 1894 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1963. The Royal Society of St. George is a non -profit organisation with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as patron. The Royal Society of St. George – East Dorset Branch, which is one of the many branches associated with the National Society, held its inaugural meeting on 6th October 2011 at which time the branch byelaws and aims were approved. We acquired foundation status on the 8th of February 2012. We are a cultural and not a political group with membership opened to all who love England and feel English regardless of their personal heritage.

Objectives of the Royal Society of St. George

  • To celebrate English history, traditions and ideals.
  • To remember all who have served England in our past and build leadership today.
  • To support and strengthen England and the Commonwealth.
  • To enjoy St. George’s Day in our own communities with passion.

In addition, the East Dorset Branch wishes to

  • Support and raise funds for charities selected by members at the AGM.
  • Provide a forum to socialise, enjoy life and expand one’s views.